Monday, February 23, 2009

Nilkamal Chairs whose Legs Break - Part 1

This is the first in possibly a series of posts on my experience with Nilkamal chairs whose legs mysteriously break. Nilkamal is apparently the best - it's a well known brand I have used their chairs for years. However, their chairs from a newly opened Bangalore manufacturing facility in Bangalore seems to be having problems. Wait for further updates on this thread while this unfolds.

The following is the complaint letter I sent to Nilkamal today:

Dear Sir:

I had purchased 6 Nilkamal chairs (Model CHR2060E Beige Color) from Casio Supermarket in New Thippasandra on 17th January 209 bill dated 347492.

Yesterday evening, while my 77 year old father was sitting on one of the chairs, the right back leg suddenly broke and he fell down hurting his head and right hand. I thought this was a one-off case and still trusting the Nilkamal brand offered him another chair. Unfortunately, within two hours the second chair also broke: the same right back leg. My father hurt his head again on the wall and sprained his neck and back. He is currently under medical treatment for the injuries.

I am attaching photographs of the broken chairs on page 2.

I am expecting you to do the following:

  1. Investigate the root causes and systemic issues if any in the manufacture and inventory of the chairs from your factory to the retail outlet.
  2. Take back all the six chairs I had purchased and issue me refund for the same.
  3. Keep me updated about the results of your investigation.
  4. After completing your investigation, recall the batches which are suspected to be of poor quality.
  5. Improve your quality processes so that Nilkamal retains the trust amongst its loyal customers like me it has built over the years.

Yours sincerely


  1. Hi Sankar,
    I also bought couple of chairs from bangalore..and having the same problem...have you got any reply from them?and can you give me their email id or phone number?

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  3. They are the most trusted brand in india, I think you can directly contact them about the issue and they will provide you with a solution. i got my nilkamal chairs from nayashopi.

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