Saturday, February 24, 2007

Planet Earth

When I saw billboards on the TV series Planet Earth from Discovery India across Bangalore weeks back, I guessed something big was coming. It has been four weeks since the series started and it has turned out to be one of the best I have ever watched.

To quote the web site: "Planet Earth is the first natural history series to be filmed entirely in high definition, providing an unparalleled view of awe-inspiring landscapes from across the globe and incredible footage of the rarely spotted, almost mythical creatures that live in these habitats. This is Planet Earth. Come, discover a new Planet."

It is indeed true to the words above! Aerial photography, time-lapse photography spanning seasons (with a panning camera!), never before seen locations and creatures (e.g., migrating birds flying over Mount Everest) make this unique and a pleasure to watch.

Show timings in India:

Thursday nights 8 pm (the most advertised-about slot)
Friday early morning 2 am
Friday morning 9 am
Saturday evening 6 pm
Saturday night 11 pm
Sunday morning 9 am
Sunday afternoon 2 pm
Monday afternoon 3 pm