Sunday, September 09, 2007

Axis Books

A new book shop named Axis Books has opened in Bangalore a few weeks back. It has been started by one of the Gangaram family members.

Here's the address and map:

Axis Books
No 330/9 (near Aiport Road Flyover)
Inner Ring Road
Domlur Layout
Bangalore 560 071

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It is very close to the flyover on the west side of the inner ring road.

The owner said they have only had a "soft launch". When I visited the shop last week, they were still putting signs on book shelves. The shop looks impressive with a large floor area and a wide collection of books spread over 3 floors very neatly arranged with lots of walking space between shelves. Stationery is on the ground floor, general books are on the first floor, and technical/management books are on the second floor.

Parking is available in the basement. However it is quite small (I think only about 4 or 5 cars would fit) and the ramp to the basement is quite steep and blind. If you don't get parking space here, you are quite doomed as there isn't any road side parking available close-by the shop being so close to the flyover.

The book shop is worth a visit.

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  1. thank you sir

    we have very high regards for you and for the above comments

    we can accommodated 8 cars and few bikes. we have made sure we have parking on the road level where we can have another 10 cars

    Vinay C.Kalro
    Axis Books